Andras Schmidt

schmidt-andras1-259x180My name is András Schmidt. I am a graphic artist by my qualification who is obsessed with Mediterranean wall painting for almost more than 15 years.

I am a rolling stone, an experimenter, a maximalist. A person who is enthusiastic about beauty. These four adjectives are the characteristics of my life ever since my childhood. When I was a young teenager it was my bike that was painted and decorated differently from that of the others. As a young adult my cars and motorbikes “fell victim” to be different from the average. As an adult somehow they were my works, my decorations which were always different, new or unique. I was copied by many by the time I decided that I would change for good. I was looking for an area where I could entirely be myself where my works would be recognized and if I was copied that could only be a poor copy since it wasn’t brought to life by my own hands, eyes and imagination.

This was how I found Mediterranean wall painting during the years. I am still astonished by its diversity even today, which simply cannot be tiring for me.  I love it ever since the beginning for this is the type of work where nothing ever is the same let it be the client or the places I work at. Here I can experiment, try new things, travel to hidden little Italian villages to learn from the great elderly, to take part in the courses of world famous factories and learn the characteristics of the materials and to create the most perfect and most beautiful Mediterranean wall paining – according to my value scale – by merging all this knowledge and experience. The beauty that is sometimes indefinable, not too perfect and not too artificial. But it is always natural and derives from my own inner passion.

But that’s all about myself, let the works of my own hands be the stars in the next pages…