I am obsessed with ornaments – well, not for the sake of its own – since ornaments give the essence of Mediterranean wall painting. It gives life to style and makes already finished work unique. As soon as I see a new motif I start thinking how it would look “live” on our walls. A picture of it is always on my mind and I cannot rest until I can really make it.

I would decorate almost everything, the main walls of rooms, the exhaust canopy, a small hall or a corner, the ceiling around the chandelier, anything. A few stripes here, a little decoration there and there is still some room for a small legend as well. And of course some gilding or patina would look nice on all of it. A joint brain-storming at the time of surveying is to be imagined something like this.

And how we choose a pattern or a motif?

If we are looking for something astonishingly unique or spectacular than it must be the carpet pattern.
If we like more modest decoration a central pattern or a legend would be a good choice.

If we are painting a skirting it almost demands a border or stripping.

If we want an intimate and clear style interior a mural is almost a compulsory choice.
And how we can enhance all this?

We can choose that the patterns be plastic, inscripted, or painted or even painted with several colours, complete or incomplete. The patterns can be made of marble or they can be granulated in themselves. We can choose gilding or greenish-blue patina.

So that’s why I don’t have two works that look alike. And on top of all that it is the detailed finishing made by hand that make all these so unique and characteristic of us.