Why us?

itthoni-kepek-008-1024x768-260x180What is the difference as compared to others? Everything – to put it in a nutshell.

The most important difference perhaps lays in the usage of materials. Instead of using solvents or synthetic materials we only use natural bases. We don’t have fast, instant solutions for example the mixing of powder paints with some kind of binding material or ready-made pre-mixed products prepared for do-it-yourself work using a sponge or a piece of rag to make the wall look mottled. These methods are extremely popular among self-appointed Mediterranean painters or clever handed daddies but we do not use these kinds of materials.

Why are all these important?

Obviously firstly because of the sight and the result but why I would stress on the usage of material again is that there are very few places that mention what makes the climate of an apartment good. If we are only using synthetic based paints then we are practically permanently closing up the natural ventilation of the apartment with a plastic layer, carefully blocking all pores. While out of the natural materials it is typical mostly of clay that it is able to bind and store the moisture present in the air from which the climate of the air won’t be too dry in the winter but this moisture will pleasantly cool in the summer. This will make it more livable for everybody but this is of high importance for those suffering in asthma or allergy. All the natural base materials we use have this characteristic.

The other important difference is durability. If you live together with pets or young “artists” you know how important the protection and cleaning of the surfaces is. We provide this in a natural way using a wax-like finish. This makes finished painting easy to clean /you can avoid painting for cleanliness every two years and all the accompanying mess/ and it will make it suitable to be used in moist rooms as well for example in a pool area or in bathrooms. /But of course not instead of tiles./ I could demonstrate durability the best with the paintings in the houses in Venice for there are plenty of water there and still their marble or mural paintings are there undamaged for decades or even for a longer period of time.

Perhaps it sounds like a heresy to say this in a page on Mediterranean painting but I still consider it important to mention that out of the original Mediterranean wall paintings our stone-like surfaces are used by interior designers in their modern style designs with great affection. So again, we differ from others because many can only think in one style but a trend in architecture has already started where the elements of different styles are bravely combined.