Choice of colours

img_4958-260x180Perhaps the most interesting part of my work is colouring. Well, wherever it really needs any colouring since there are some natural materials such as clay or stone-like surfaces which should not be coloured. Nobody has ever met with purple clay or fuchsia coloured stone in nature. Of course if requested it can be solved but that is another story.

If we take a further step in the colours of natural clay or stone-like surfaces it is a really important question what colour to choose. Perhaps it is obvious from my pictures I’ve already presented that there is a neutral colour choice quite typical of me.

These colours can all be found in nature they are not parts of an awkward, factory colour-coded artificial system.

Well, how is colouring carried out then?

We use such a unique colour kit of our own in which ink is able to colour even the wax and our surface finishing materials.

When the work is started you can only see that I prepare 5-6 types of samples of an agreed colour e.g. from the shades of the colour of the champagne cork onto a preliminarily structured surface. So you don’t have to decide on the basis of a 3 x 2 cm printed paper slip that you really want to live with that colour but you can see the different shades in live on the structure that will be on the wall.

So when you order you don’t have to define the colours exactly on the basis of a code but you will have a free choice even with the possibility of modification because from the samples we paint on the wall we will see the colour we chose together on the wall in big size.