Our surfaces

When choosing the surface it’s good to have a concrete idea because we can decide more easily. But if you don’t yet have one that’s not a problem either since we have a number of finished sample boards that may help you choosing.

When choosing the surface we could have a long talk about the typical styles, motifs and colours that are often used in certain areas of the Mediterranean. We could bring up different names like Tuscan, Provincial or Andalusian, etc. but I think that such classification or a guide in styles will not ease your decision.

But how to choose then?

Some people like natural effects and neutral things.
They will surely find cleft stone like or clay surfaces nice.

Those who think “green” are almost sure to choose clay or marble materials on a small surface because these don’t contain any artificial binding materials. Not to mention that clay will ensure a more livable environment for those suffering in asthma or allergy.

Those who like old, patinated feelings are likely to find cracked, fractured or here and there incomplete surfaces nice.

Those who see the magnificence characteristic of Mediterranean cottages beautiful will insist on murals and marble or golden inserts.

And those who would like to have a little bit of everything, well they will be the ones with whom we jointly create something unique and new that cannot be classified anywhere. They think in an already existing new trend.
But whichever surface we are going to choose you should think about it as a canvas which we will bring to life together with colours and motifs.